Have questions about your favorite wine?

Not yet, we have built this business slowly and in due time we will take the next step.

No, we purchase grapes locally as well as crushed grape juice from California and Atlanta.

Yes we are. My wife Amy and our 3 kids have worked very hard to build this into a sustainable business. Although we have a lot of great friends that help us out and we are thankful for that.

Yes we can ship wine, but it is pricey due to the weight.

We have been doing this since 2013 and although we do not have a place for you to come visit does not mean that we are not a huge part of the wine community. I tell people “If you have not heard of us then where have you been, under a rock?”

We are proud to say yes we do. We touch every single bottle that leaves our shop. We do not have a big fancy bottling line like the big boys. We actually have to do manual labor.

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